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Since its origin, this firm has been working with inheritance cases with an expert team of inheritance lawyers in Gijón, offering comprehensive advice on the aspects involved in succession: taxes, wills and assets.

We offer you more than ten years of experience and specialization in planning wills; processing inheritances; settling inheritance tax; and the operations of partition and adjudication of inheritance as well as judicial and extrajudicial operations.

If it is not sufficiently clear in the will or if the testator did not make a will, there are a number of problems and undesirable situations that need to be addressed from the outset. For example, in a case where the testator left the will to leave the “farmhouse” to one person and to another person, instituting him as heir to all the other assets, rights and actions, it will be necessary to define what is meant by “farmhouse” if the entire productive unit, if on the contrary it corresponds to the buildings and the property on which they are located or if it refers to all the assets located in the same district, parish, town hall, etc.


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