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Real estate management is an issue with many sides. Often, what we want to do with our property is truncated by the appearance of costs or unforeseen events, which truncate our wishes. The tax impact of an operation, the uncertainty about the consequences of a contract or the regulatory impact are some examples. To help you with all these doubts, we have a team of lawyers specialized in real estate law in Gijón.

We provide services of preventive advice, management and litigation in real estate, registry and cadastral matters, so that you can enjoy your patrimony, as you deserve: without any headaches.

Cadastral regularizations mean an increase in the value of the property in most cases that must be recalculated in order to reduce the property tax, the so-called “contribution”. The process is cumbersome and requires specialist advice in order to adjust the value of the property to the material reality, not to that arbitrarily set by the Administration.


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