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The consumer is the most important subject in economic traffic. Being this true, it is not less than in this time of aggressive marketing and technological changes, the consumer can, with reason, feel defenceless in his rights, for this is important to have the support that our office offers, thanks to our lawyers for consumer claims and other matters.

We help you know your rights and enforce them in the face of privacy issues, flight delays, defective products, misleading advertising, and aggressive business practices.

The telephone and electricity companies, etc. that offer services under a “monopoly” regime by means of their contracts of adhesion and by introducing, on many occasions, abusive clauses in their contracts, cause consumers and users abuses and damages that they do not have to bear, as happens when, for example, they do not provide the service contracted on line or through a contract signed with a commercial agent who does not meet the conditions that he has previously explained to us; also when they invoice us for services that were not contracted, sometimes even including the individual in the so-called “defaulters” files, with the damage that this entails.

Complaints in this area are successful in a very high number, favouring the consumer who sees his or her claims as being fully assessed.


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