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Making a living is serious business. For our team of labour lawyers in Gijón, it is the most serious that can exist. That is why job security, payment of wages and compliance with the agreed and stipulated working conditions are vital. The same can be said of Social Security benefits and other assistance measures.

Dismissals; category claims; disabilities, both temporary and permanent; etc.

One issue to be highlighted in the area of dismissal is not to sign anything. The worker who collects any document given to him by the company and does not understand it should not sign it and if he does, he should always put the receipt of the document next to his signature. Afterwards, you should go to a lawyer of your confidence who knows the subject and who will tell you how to proceed.

The ailments that afflict certain people can even annul their working capacity, in this case it would be necessary to request a permanent incapacity in absolute degree by virtue of which the incapacitated person has the right to a financial benefit of permanent character as a result of these limitations. Again, if there are policies covering this contingency, the pension creditor may be entitled to receive certain insured amounts when he or she is declared to be in this situation.


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