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Traffic accidents, bad weather or health are some of the daily risks. Risks that we seek to cover and mitigate with insurance. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to fail to deliver when they are most needed. A tedious procedure; the refusal to compensate or that the compensation has derisory amounts are some of the most frequent causes of dissatisfaction, for them we put at your disposal our expert lawyers in insurance claims in Gijón.

We will remove such obstacles and ensure that you receive fair compensation, so that the damage suffered is fully repaired.

In order to obtain compensation from an insurance company, it is necessary to follow a protocol of action outlined by a professional specialized in this type of claim, where most of the time it is necessary for other professionals (doctors, architects, etc.) to participate and quantify the damage by preparing a report that will serve as a basis for the lawyer to ensure compensation and obtain the maximum possible for his client. Sometimes there are certain insurance policies that cover the expenses of these professionals.


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