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He’s got a good idea. You are going to develop and then a question arises: is it in my interest to exploit as an individual entrepreneur or is it in my interest to create a company? It is a question, the answer to which is much more difficult than it may seem a priori. The risks to which you are subject; the tax and formal security obligations; the formal and documentary obligations and a long etcetera, will always be around. And they make it difficult to decide.

Our lawyers in the field of business organization have been solving these doubts for a decade and helping to facilitate the venture from the very beginning, so that you only have to worry about what is important: your business.

Prevention of corporate conflicts

The proverb says that “unity is strength”. This is usually true in business, and when it goes well, it’s a wonder. But what happens when conflicts arise and we are not careful? Our experience in this field has led us to put a name to this event: “the tragedy of the SME”. Indeed, when problems arise, common goals vanish and so does all the work; everything that has been achieved can vanish in seconds.

There is a simple solution to this: assessment and prevention. And that is what we offer: advice on statutory matters; alternative resolution mechanisms and the development of family protocols.

Prevention and litigation against abuse of majority

Majority abuse is one of the most frequent causes of societal conflict. Thus, mock meetings; the systematic hoarding of dividends; the denial of information; the exclusion of matters from the common business… are common in corporate practice. This habit is not usually reflected in the articles of association and therefore leads to disputes, which end up becoming entrenched.

In a matter in which we have experience litigating, as well as advising on how to prevent conflicts and on how to resolve them at the lowest possible cost.


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